How To Cleanse Your Space

Smudging has been a sacred and medicinal practice for over 4500 years and is most well known for cleansing the air of certain airborne bacteria, negative energy, and also of negative entities. It is helpful to smudge your home when you feel the need to, move into a new space, experience a death in the home, or clear away residual energy from a fight or traumatic event. You can also cleanse your self (body, biofield, and chakras) through smudging. All of our experiences and thoughts leave an emotional imprint upon us and we easily forget them though the energetic imprint lingers. This stagnation of negative energy may lead us to feel emotional, moody, sick, mentally foggy, and may even express itself as physical ailments or pains. This is a helpful beginner friendly cleansing guide. Open the PDF below.

Cleanse your home
Download PDF • 948KB


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